Wednesday, February 26, 2014

As always the week went by fast! I made some headway on three more pieces in the Mini series and continued my work on 'Flight II' for display that The Dalles Art Center. 'Flight II' is almost finished and will get delivered tomorrow! Whoot!

Below is a shot of 'Flight II' from Monday.

 The current state of my paint table. Thanks North Shore Cafe for all the coffee and love!


 My partner, Dixie-Mae, is clearly not impressed by my work this week. I'll have to see if I can live up to her expectations this coming week!

Thanks for checking in!

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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

The 'Mini Me' project is coming along quite well! My goal is to have 50 available in time for the Gorge Artist Open Studio Tour this coming April. ( I'm well on my way there too! So far I have 19 Minis Finished and ready for sale with 8 others in the works that should be done soon! Check out what I have so far: 

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I've also been working steadily on a piece for the Preview Show for GAOS that will be at The Dalles Art Center for the month of March. Its been a bit slow going for the last week and a half. I pinched my sciatic nerve and couldn't walk for a few days and then just as I was getting better Dixie-Mae got sick! We are both doing better now and back hard at work :) I wasn't planning on sharing photos of 'Flight II' before it goes up at The Dalles Art Center but I just can't help myself! Here's a peek:

'Flight II' is an evolved version of a piece I did in 2012 that I really enjoyed making, that also started my use of line and geometric shape with raptors. Since then I've began to use a lot more curvilinear lines in my compositions and I was curious to see these subtle differences side by side in essentially the same composition. It feels really good to go back to my roots
   I finished the under painting (shown above) last night and I'm hoping to have all the shapes painting in by the end of the day today. My goal is to have it ready to drop off by Saturday February 22, just a few days from now! Maybe I won't be able to contain the enthusiasm for 'Flight II' and post a preview here... we'll just have to wait and see!

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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Over the past week I've been trying to get my projects in order. For March I'm working on a submission for the Woodburn Art Center themed 'Tulips and other Bulbs' right now I'm still working on sketches for it. Also, my sister is finally having me make some art for her home! Yay! Sketching that one out too. In the meantime I have to keep my hands busy and so I'm making Minis! These are 5x5" pieces on wood that allow me to experiment with background colors and pairing them with a complementary varnish color. To start off I made some Mini Dog Walkers in black and white.

 Above is a shot of my workbench- complete with ear protection and coffee!

To the left are the Mini Dog Walkers before painting and varnishing. I think that I'll do a few of these mini pieces with plain wood grain and colored varnish too, just to change things up a bit. I'm sanding down some Accidental Paintings later today that are also mini sized. Super excited about those since only folks that have been to my studio have seen them thus far! Treats!
Below are the first minis! Hope you enjoy!

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