Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Part of what I enjoy most about making art is sharing it with other people. I especailly love making works for a specific location in a home. Working with other people for what they want in a piece is not just challenging- its deeply satisfying. When I am lucky enough to make art for peoples homes (or offices) I start by discussing what they're looking for in a piece, then I visit their location and get a feel for the space. I take into account how much natural light the area gets, the shape of the room, and the colors it would be alongside. I then spend some time doing rough sketches for them on the spot and laying the foundation for where we will go from there. Typically, I work very closely with my client and we discuss several different ideas before we nail one down. Once that happens the piece can really begin to take shape. Crafting well designed pieces that flow in a space gives me a sense of accomplishment like nothing else can. I strive to make the art works as comfortable as I can, if I can successfully evoke some kind of abstract nostalgia- I consider it a success.

In the past month I started work on a piece for a local couple in White Salmon, Washington. I did a very rough sketch of a multiple panel piece (on the lid of a pizza box!) and then went to work. What I ended up with was a five panel lay out of a tree that would go in the entrance of their home. Here you can see me with the sketch. In the background is the layout of the piece on the wall.

Later I went back to the studio and transferred the layout onto the paneling I'll cut up, carve, and later paint the tree onto. The tree outline is in green and is a very rough gestural drawing. As I work with the image the design develops. Working full scale is always a little bit different.

Green outline
Adding texture and doing additional carving.

all ready for some color!


 Soon they will be painted blues and greens, and varnished all up! Super stoked to get them all finished up and installed.  I'll be updating as they progress. Cheers!

Friday, February 22, 2013

 Back in December of 2012 I was fortunate enough to move into a studio in White Salmon Washington. Since then I have been making work aggressively and have had little time to write for my blog. I am making an effort to do a weekly update. I'm going to do a quick background on what I've been up to for the last few months.

This is my desk where the magic happens.
Very beginning of the blue piece.
I began working on wood with texture mediums about two years ago and mainly dabbled in technique and color application and effects. Currently I'm working on a  body of work playing with the idea of predatory flight and freedom through place. My recent work isgreatly inspired by my new(er) home in Husum, Washington.

Living in the Columbia River Gorge is an endless source of inspiration.  I frequently see Red Tail Hawks and Bald Eagles when I'm outside hiking or kayaking, for me these birds of prey evoke a sense of place, of home. Driving to work or to play we are constantly surrounded by beautiful orchards, basalt cliffs, and bending grasses.

Home is very dear to me as I have worn many hats and called many places 'home.' It is my constant shifting of where I call home that drives me to make art. My dwelling is in my heart, as I have gleaned little bits of everywhere I've lived and formed them into my own place that cannot be mapped. 
I am constantly working on ideas and exploring imagery. Below is my studio and the first two (of hopefully many!) pieces based on my life here in the Gorge.

 I hope you enjoy!

Before varnish on top, after varnish on bottom.
More hawks after varnishing.

Commission in the works for a local business owner in Hood River.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

My blog is currently under construction. For an immediate response, or to schedule an appointment please email me at angie.williamson at yahoo dot com. Thank you for an interest in my work and have a wonderful day! Cheers!