Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Happy Wednesday morning! This week I got a head start on making backing material for the Minis! Additionally, the big piece of Mt. Baker with snow covered trees has gone home. I have mixed feelings about sending her on her way but I'm glad my patron is pleased with the work. :)

The Mt. Baker piece above is 8 feet tall! I can't wait to start my next big one! I'm thinking that it will be Spirit Falls on the Little White Salmon. I'll have to hike in and do more studies of it. Below is a watercolor I did last spring of the falls a a peak flow. I'm thinking this one may be only 6 feet tall.

Also, I made some progress with a few more of the Minis. I finished painting them and now all that's left is to seal and varnish them! I'll have those done by the end of the week. Check 'em out! I'll have the finished ones up on my Facebook page as soon as they're done!

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