Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Howdy! Its time for another 'Whats up Wednesday!' Yay! Sorry I've missed some posts but I've been super busy with life etc. So I'll just give you the eye candy!

Concept drawing and primed panel for another piece in my flora/fauna series- this time with elements from my abstract/gestural work. :)

 This is the first layer of yellow washes that will give the work depth.

Studio shot! There sure is a lot going on right now!

 This shot shows some magnets I'm working on for the holidays (the small squares) I'm using them for testing different ideas and color combos on a smaller scale. Sometimes the tests are really cool! I'll share them as they progress.

 Finally! I finished all the color testing for the big panel piece I'm working on. I also got the wood for it and began the carving process! Yay! I'll have more to show of that next week (I hope!)

Here I am painting in some final spots on the rays in the lower portion of the panel before varnishing.

The lower part of the panel. I really like the colors combo on the far left at the very bottom. Which one do you like the most?

While varnish testing I also had enough of one of the colors left over to finish up the vertical pink/green one. It looks even better in person. I wasn't sure about it at first but it quickly becoming one of my favorites.

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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Its Wednesday again! Today I am thankful for so many things. At the top of my mind is how thankful I am for The Smartest Artist Blog and what I think of as 'Whats Up Wednesdays.' This past week I've been cracking away at a project- it doesn't look like much yet, (but frequently things don't in the beginning and when they 8do sometimes they don't live up to the hype in my head.) The project is a comission for a local client here in White Salmon, Washington. His home features a lot of olive greens and maroons. I'm currently working on a model of he piece that what finished will measure 24" by 96".

I've been updating my facbook page ( with photos of this project from the beginning- if you haven't been following along heres a quick recap:

This is the drawing I'm working from. 

Color testing to find the perfect maroon. 

My work station for the project in my studio. 
The model is 1/2 scale and is to color test varnishes and color schemes.

I just finished drawing in the lines for my geometric shapes and have started painting them white before painting the shapes in. This will allow me to fine tune the color pallet I'll be working with on the larger piece. It would be awful to get the full scale work done and fine that the under painting doesn't jive with the varnish. My goal is that by next week I'll have the full scale piece assembled and ready to paint! Which shouldn't be too hard since I'll have some extra hands in the studio, my fantastic mother is coming to visit! I'll be sure to feature her in my post next week. Until then- happy painting! 

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Once again it is Wednesday and I am stoked to update what I've been doing this week! I've had quite the week outside of art! Somehow amidst moving into a new apartment, taking my dog to the vet, and finally going kayaking again I got some work done in the studio!

I know its super faint but there's a bird in there, I promise! I got this one mounted and primed. I also got a bunch of work done on the Mt. Baker model. My biggest accomplishment this week was applying for the Gorge Artists Open Studio Tour! Finding the time to edit my images and get everything together while in the process of moving was quite the feat!  I also got my website up with its own domain name, I am now on the interwebs as! Thanks for stopping by!