Sunday, January 26, 2014

Things are finally calming down around here! The past three months have been super exciting and full of new (and old) projects! November was excellent! I had work up at North Shore Cafe in White Salmon and had a hugely successful raffle and even a few sales!  Unfortunately, my camera was broken at that time so I was unable to get any pictures. In early December I was fortunate enough to assist in some small ways with the relocation of Solstice Woodfire Pizza. 

Below is the sign for the hostess stand I did for them:

This is a shot of how it looked prior to painting in the black area. This was all done with a router and then painted in! No wood burning involved at all. 

In addition to making the sign for the hostess stand I was also asked to put some work up in Solstice for their first quarter- so my work will be up there through mid-February! I've really enjoyed getting to know the folks that own and work as Solstice. Its been a great experience all around. 

I also finished up a piece I had been working on for some time in order to have it at Solstice too. This is a shot after I finished painting it but before it was varnished. 

 The final piece just sings to my soul. There was nothing else to call it but 'Jubilation' of everything I have done recently I really think that I like this to most. What a great feeling at the end of the day. When I make good work it reminds me of why I make art. Not every piece can bee as deeply satisfying. I am continually thankful for all the support of my friends and family.

Since working with North Shore and Solstice I have finally finished up work on the large commission I began work on this pas August. I'm dedicating my next blog entry to chronicling that piece. So there's more to come!  Check back next week. Cheers!

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