Thursday, April 21, 2016

Paint Jams!

In preparation for my upcoming talk on Creativity at the Hood River Library I have been going back through sketches and drawings of what I call 'Paint Jams'. Paint Jams are what happens when I put on good music with no intention of doing anything other than making marks that are reflective of what I am feeling while listening. Perhaps Synesthesia has a bit to do with it.
For me the line is the thing.
Line communicates so very much that music does. There is a thickness and richness to sounds and line- they can have the same qualities in very different ways. Jazz is great for this and so is electronic music. My favorites to Jam to are Miles Davis, John Coltrane, Cecil Taylor, and the more modern Mount Kimbe, Emanicpator, Tycho, and Gramatik.

My talk will touch on three artist spanning mediums and will focus on the ideas of what nurtures creativity. In particular, play, community, and perseverance.  We will round out the conversation by doing a Paint (in this case Drawing) Jam and blind/modified contours.

Click on the links embedded in the artists names for the ear candy. :) Below are some of my drawings from previous Paint Jams.

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